The new P365X is a collaboration of pervious models with a new twist on the optics cut.

Call it the greatest hits version of the P365 lineup mixing up the original short slide length with the longer grip from the XL series.

SIG decided to incorporate an optics cut on the slide of a regular P365 slide which hasn’t been done from SIG on a factory firearm.

In addition to the optics cut, SIG also included the flat-faced trigger from the P365XL to the new X variant as a factory upgrade.

All these upgrades are compatible with other models and frames which means you can make a regular optics-ready P365 if you want a super small package.

The height of the Romeo Zero optic really helps new shooters and people getting into red dots on their pistols because its lower than other options on the market today.


The XL style frame on the P365 means it has a capacity of 12 rounds as standard with a 15 round extended magazine available as well.

Combine that with the flat-faced trigger and the larger XL frame, and you have a very comfortable firearm that offers a good amount of options for its size and price.

As we stated above, the P365 SAS is one of the latest variants of the P365 subcompact 9mm pistol platform from SIG Sauer.

With almost every protrusion deleted from the slide and frame, the SIG Anti-Snag System moniker fits this variant appropriately.

There’s simply not much on the gun that can catch on an errant piece of clothing during the drawstroke. It’s already a tiny gun at 5.8 inches overall length, but the SIG engineers figured out a way to make it smaller, even. If that makes sense, ha ha.

Beyond that, all the great features of the P365 platform remain the same, with some improvements. Of course, the SIG P365 SAS accepts the 10-round magazines of the other P365 variants, as well as the larger 15-round version.


The biggest improvement though, is the ported barrel and slide.

For those of us just getting into the wild and wonderful world of being a Second Amendment Radical, a ported barrel is a simple enhancement to a firearm, where the barrel and slide have 2 (usually) ports milled into them, allowing some of the expanding and burning gunpowder to vent upward from the firearm, giving the weapon a little push downward, further counteracting recoil.

It’s no big deal on a heavier gun, but on a smaller gun such as the P365 SAS, it makes a big difference. Those follow-up shots are zingers.

The trigger is decent for a factory one with a 6lb pull weight. It felt a little strange at first since I’m used to lighter triggers, but it’s definitely not a showstopper.

A solid, rough grip completes the package. As a sub-compact carry gun, you want to be able to grip it with authority. I don’t mind the sandpaper feel and neither should you.



P365 SAS

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